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Digital marketing is the future. We’ll help you to reach your audience in exciting new ways.

Strategic Planning and Execution

Terrific digital marketers, Spectacon is known for driving sales through real organic traffic via strategic and immensely effective campaigns. In today’s age and time, it is common for anyone with a slight social media knowledge to impersonate themselves as the Digital Marketers but at Spectacon, you will immediately come to know through our team’s result-driven approach as to why you chose the right company for digital marketing needs.

Strategic Campaign Planning
Organic SEO
Search Marketing / Pay Per Click
Contextual & Display Advertising
Email Campaigns
Testing & Optimization

How we do Digital Marketing


Our extremely knowledgeable and talented staff knows the nitty-gritties of the intricate realms of the digital world, that if harnessed properly, can produce great results in terms of lead generation, driving relevant footfall or traffic to your business and high conversion rates.


Our team employs collaborative marketing strategies which essentially involve working in association with similar companies to promote brand, minimize costs and increase sales. This type of marketing fosters exposure through side-by-side advertisement with competitors.


Every digital platform be it facebook, blogger, web 2.0 services, Instagram or any other type of social media needs a powerful creative to bolster the performance of a campaign and derive maximum sales output. Spectacon makes sure to create compelling creatives for its clients.

Campaign Management

The entire digital marketing campaign is deft with aplomb by our highly enthusiastic, knowledgeable and creative team which is always brimming with fresh ideas.

Social Media Strategy

Depending on the needs of a particular client, the social media strategies vary. But broadly speaking, the social media strategy employed by Spectacon is always in alignment with the current algorithms of various social media websites.

Content Marketing

Once a creative campaign is set into place in the relevant digital marketing space, its content is heavily marketed both organically or using various media buying techniques.

Digital Marketing Case Study

Raffles Educity Immigration Consultants

Digital Campaign Planing

As mentioned above, the digital campaign planning starts with the understanding of the client’s needs leading to brainstorming with an aim to come up with the best ideas to derive maximum results to the client. The next step involves creating compelling designs with relevant content which then get floated into the digital sphere. Apart from various social media websites, the content is also placed on video platforms, streaming websites and blogging websites, Web 2.0 and so on.

Search Engine optimization

Both onsite and off-site Search Engine Optimisation is done to make sure that the client’s desired web-page ranks higher in SERPs. Besides Google, Bing and other search engines are given due importance catering to all kinds of demographics.

  • Create attractive landing pages
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Creative quality back-links
  • All White Hat SEO techniques

With thorough planning and well though-out execution plan, the team of Spectacon makes sure that our client’s business is never left behind in the race of fast-paced digital world.

Search Engine Marketing/
Pay Per Click

With Search Engine Marketing and Pay Per Click (PPC), you can get your business in front of the audiences who matter the most – and drive them to your landing pages. Thus, you can generate quality leads. PPC advertising also allows you to reach just the right people and drive high quality leads and conversions.

Set your own budget and control costs with pay per click (PPC) or with the help of Spectacon’s experts.

  • Pay for only the ads that work.
  • Track the number of leads easily
  • Choose the audience you want.
  • Generate Quality leads.

So are you ready to launch your campaign yet with spectacon?

Testing and Optimization

Whether it’s web pages or broader marketing strategies, testing and experimentation is what will take your marketing from surviving to thriving

  • Technology is used to gather the data
  • A/B testing.
  • Easily measurable results
  • Effective analysis
  • Helps in need-based tweaking of campaign.

Testing leads to a desired outcome, and can make crucial steps in a marketing campaign more effective.

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